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Class Descriptions

What style are you looking for?


At LoveYoga, we invite all to practice.  We believe that yoga is not a competitive sport or activity, but a way to connect, come together, and feel as one.  Is it a great form of physical exercise? Absolutely! It is not, however, competitive or punishing.  Yoga is for the mind, the soul, the spirit.  Show up, breathe, smile, and leave with a little more space in your busy brain and body.  It's as simple as that!  In truth, we are all beginners. Welcome to your journey!

Restorative Yoga - This is the adult nap that we all need and crave.  Restorative yoga is the centering of breath and body and aligning the physical and mental by practicing stillness or gentle movement for extended periods of time. Props (bolsters, blocks, blankets) assist you in holding the poses longer and help keep gravity from pulling too deeply at the connective tissue. Restorative yoga is an exercise in patience, stillness, and unwinding. 

Vinyasa Flow (LoveYoga Flow) - Vinyasa means movement synchronized with breath. Vinyasa Yoga is a series of poses linked with the rhythm of inhaling and exhaling while flowing through yoga postures. Consider Vinyasa Flow Yoga a moving meditation. 

Slow Burn Vinyasa – This class has the same structure as the Vinyasa Flow, but the poses are held for longer periods of time, allowing for buildup of heat in the muscle. This class helps build strength and promotes discipline.

Level 2 Challenge Flow- This class is designed for those who have been practicing consistently and feel secure in their alignment and body awareness, but all levels are welcome. This class is a way to foster transformation and growth by exploring movement, breath, and focus. Each class will focus on a challenging posture and will explore the preparatory poses that facilitate greater range of motion. 

Vinyasa Light - This class is similar to Vinyasa Flow Yoga, but with a slightly lighter pace and more modifications. This is an excellent class for beginners who want to get a taste of Vinyasa Flow yoga or anyone who has taken a hiatus from practicing and wants to get reacquainted. 

Vinyasa Basics- This class has the skeleton of a flow class, but moves at a slow pace with explanation and details of alignment. This class is great for those who are just beginning, or need to take a step back and build a strong foundation of correct and safe alignment. In this class, we will pause to break down poses in detail. Questions during class are encouraged!


YinYasa- This class is 90 minutes long and is the perfect balance between movement and stillness. We begin the class with 45-60 minutes of flow, warming the body and practicing fluidity. Then, the last 45-30 minutes of class will be dedicated to restorative poses that cool the body and relax the mind. Do yourself a favor and experience the best of both worlds!